Professional Developing Coaching at your School or Institution


We TRAVEL to your institution to offer and train you and your colleagues in tried and true techniques and resources that can be tailored “up” or “down” to be suitable for different ages and levels of proficiency.
Our Teacher Professional Development Workshops:
•    Offer opportunities to develop effective techniques and a wide variety of exciting activities for EFL Learners at Pre-school, Kindergarten, Primary, High school levels and Institutes.
•    Provide practical tools to create a positive classroom atmosphere and an effective learning environment.
•    Reflect on acquisition and learning of EFL.
•    Offer hands-on ideas, easy to carry out in your daily class.
•    Analyze doubts and fears when teaching EFL Learners.
•    Encourage good creative practice and thinking skills.
•    Provide opportunities to practice personal commitment, responsibility and perseverance.


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