“We were on the same flight to Paraguay, except that we didn’t know each other then. We actually met at the airport. We had been assigned the same transfer to our hotel. I suppose we were both pretty tired from the trip, as we didn’t talk a lot on the way to the Sheraton Hotel.
On the next day she attended my talk on TRAINING YOUNG LEARNER TEACHERS. A correction: that was not actually my talk, but with Valéria on sick leave: I was trying to do my best to “represent” our training department. Grace (that’s her name) was sitting in the front row. At some point we were discussing our “hands-on” approach to training and that seemed to make sense to her. (I remember her nodding with enthusiasm.) When someone asked what I meant by “training inexperienced teachers” on the typical routines of a young learner lesson, Grace came to my rescue and demoed with three routine songs (with the help of three other teachers)  how to get students in a circle, sit down and pay attention to the teacher: a real life-saver!!
The next day, I was ready to show my gratitude and so I joined her for her session: “TEACHING RESOURCES: PRACTICAL AND CREATIVE IDEAS FOR YOUR YOUNG LEARNERS’ CLASSROOM”.
I arrived early and it was just as well. After a couple of minutes, there were hoards of people trying to get in. Luckily, there was floor room, so no-one was turned down.
When the time came, Grace opened a suitcase, breathed deeply, and moved on to show us how to create teaching tools with limited resources. She didn’t stop for the 45 minutes that she had been offered. Her ideas were incredibly creative and her experience teaching children showed. For the audience, it was a delight to see how simple ideas can travel a long way (she came from Buenos Aires, Argentina!) when you are teaching young learners. For me particularly, it was a marvel to realize that none of her ideas included the use of technology!! In today’s world (LABCI  CONFERENCE was the living proof of that) it could be deemed a mortal sin not to mention the T word and Grace did just that - in a graceful way - with no apologies.
I could go on to tell you about the activities she demoed, but her ideas are shared on her website: www.gracebertolini.com.ar...  so I’d prefer you to hear them “from the horse’s mouth”.
If you are currently teaching KIDS and are running out of ideas, let Grace help you. Just like the character in one of her miming stories - “The enormous elephant” - she also carries a lot of weight. In her case, a suitcase full of goodies!!”.

Dear Grace: I want to congratulate you on the 2 wonderful presentations you gave today and yesterday at ABS Conference.  It's always such a pleasure!!

I will be using all the activities you provided us with in my first annual team meeting next week. Thank you in advance !! You have always been such an excellent and generous  teacher that we cannot help but admire you!!  We were talking about your presentations with Inés today and we agreed on saying that they are so complete: dynamic, resourceful, clear, self- explanatory, organized, etc . You even time them so well with the exercises in the middle so that our brains can rest that we can go on listening to you for ever! Every little detail was planned by you from the attention grabbers to the welcoming music and the final brain break song!! You are my idol!

Gilda Pinciroli


Thanks for being inspiring!!  You make me feel that my hunger for learning new things permanently is really worthy, that I am not alone walking on this challenging path of teaching and learning...Thanks!!!

Hugs, Estefania Chiosso 


I can see the live you transmit to our profession. I can see your joy and passion, and that is the key. I am a better teacher now, and I will continue developing my love and passion for teaching. 

Stay in touch!


Natalia Gonzalez

Hello Grace! How are things? I really enjoyed the workshop and I used some of your ideas in my class. I loved “The enormous elephantstory!!
Hernan Leiria


Dear Grace,
It was a real pleasure to attend your conference at ABS International last February!
I wish you a great year.
All the best,
Ana Colomés

Hello Grace! Id like to congratulate you on your Presentation about “Creativity & Motivation at school”. I found it really interesting and practical. Thank you very much for sharing all those effective ideas with us as always!I didn’t choose the wrong Presentation when I decided to go and listen to you at the Conference!!

Alejandra, from STEPS.


Hello Grace, How are you? I`m Mariela Bonilla and I met you here in Mendoza at Hotel
Intercontinental, in October.
I attended two of your workshops and I loved them! I found them really useful. You were very
creative and with simple things you have helped me a lot. I loved your energy and sunny personality.
You were so great!
You are such a good teacher and thank you for preparing  those great tips you gave us in those
powerful presentations we had the pleasure to see. Thank you beauty.. you are a sunshine.
I love you!!
Mariela Bonilla - Mendoza.

Hi Grace,First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop last Friday. I haverealized that all the resources I need are at arms length and I've been brainstormingever since. The workshop made me understand the importance of in depth planning.Having a detailed list of activities and resources at hand helps us keep in mind theoverall objective of the lesson.Thanks again for sharing your teaching skills!Warm wishes,

Gabriela Favetto


Dear Grace, I spent a nice Saturday, I learned a lot, and
now I’m looking forward to seeing you next November.
Thanks to you!!!
Maria Marta Alessandrini

My name is Amy. I'm a native EFL teacher from London and I attended yourworkshop in Olivos yesterday. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed thepresentation and I was very impressed and inspired by your wonderful hand-made materials.Kind regards,

Amy Lewin (LV Studio)


The TEK COURSE fulfilled my expectations. The methodological explanations were the most helpful aspect of this course.


The most helpful aspect of the TEK COURSE, was and is that it is an easy course to follow, to put into practice: we as teachers love this kind of courses where you feel comfortable and happy doing it. It was a course I immediately put in practice in my classes. I definitely recommend it because it was easy and helpful

Carla Galli


You are a hardworking woman who shares your creativity and the passion for teaching.
Margarita Gelos Medina from Uruguay.

Dear Grace Just a quick note to let you know that we loved the TEK COURSE for Kindergarten!!! I had already seen you before, but for the girls it was the first time, and not only that but also their first course on Teaching Young Learners. They were really happy because they got many ideas, and also they discovered that they are already doing some of the things, so you made them feel like they were on the right track.Best,

Vicky Braccini (St Patrick’s – Lujan)


After attending all your Workshops in Mendoza, I believe I became addicted to you!!
They were absolutely AWSOME!!!!
Please come back here soon with more of your brilliant ideas and good energy!!!
Clarisa Rosales

It was very interesting reading about the acquisition of a foreign language at Kindergarten. And it was helpful to know what to expect and not expect from kids.The TEK COURSE has got theory and practical material.

Inés Mac Kenzie


Te escribo en nombre de Lorena, Elisa y el mío
que asistimos al taller del sábado de “Teaching English to Young Learners”. Somos de Campana, nos encantó todo lo que presentaste. Congratulations! Todo estuvo muy bien organizado!
Go on working! En el Nivel Inicial se trabaja distinto y las teachers tienen que descubrir la capacidad que tienen los pequeños y cómo llegar a ellos.
Well done! See you in your next workshops!
Alejandra Mahía - Smart Kids, Campana.


Hola Grace: el TEK COURSE A DISTANCIA  ha sido un aprendizaje absolutamente rico y útil, es una pena no haberlo cursado de modo presencial, se vive!
A veces las distancias son un obstáculo pero.......por suerte existen genios como vos que nos posibilitan esto.
Evangelina Lucarelli

Estoy TAN contenta con el curso... SUPERO MIS EXPECTATIVAS POR MUCHOOOOOO. Hoy cuando vi un mail que enviaste con más material sobre Maths Activities for LEARNING CENTERS, pensé "qué increible...siempre nos sorprendés con más y más materialEl HANDBOOK que me quedó tiene más de mil páginas! Gracias por todo lo que nos brindás, porque nos ayuda a ser mejores profesionales y mejorar el modo de encarar nuestras tareas diarias. Agradecida a la vida por haberte conocido este año. Sos un ser especial, carismático, que brinda todo con amor. Que pudo brindarnos su amor incluso a través de un curso de Inglés!! Muchas gracias por tu buena onda en cada clase. REALMENTE me encantó conocerte. Un beso grande.

Monique Budriesi


Thank you por ser tan generosa y compartir tus experiencias de Kinder!!
La verdad…?
me hicieron click!!
A warm hug,
Andrea Caillon

I loved the ideas to deal with difficult situations in the classroom and the good revision of theories and approaches.  I work together with other two teachers. We have first and second graders and we work as a team. That’s fantastic! It’s amazing all the things you learn when you share. I’ve already talked to other teachers about TEK COURSE.
Nadia Kitajgrodisky.


The most helpful aspect of the TEK COURSE, was and is that it is an easy course to follow, to put into practice: we as teachers love this kind of courses where you feel comfortable and happy doing it. It was a course I immediately put in practice in my classes. I definitely recommend it because it was easy and helpful

Carla Galli


You are a hardworking woman who shares your creativity and the passion for teaching.
Margarita Gelos Medina from Uruguay.

The most helpful  aspect of the TEK COURSE was to have the chance to go over
what I’ve doing throughout the last 15 years and reflect on that has been highly positive.
It came up to my expectations: the material offered was good and helpful given the fact that it
enabled me to check on my prior knowledge and provided me with some new, creative and  practical
tools.  I would highly recommend it to would-be teachers or teachers lacking expertise or prior
experience who would find novel ideas they haven’t come across ever before,
María Laura Esteban

I only can say thanks for your work and to ask you to continue with this because you are helping a lot of teachers and the teachers’ students too. We need people like you with your talent and spirit. you are doing a great greatjob!!!!!! Thank you very much for this opportunity and I´ll follow you always!!!! Thanks.

Josefina from San Luis.



Hi Grace,
The seminar was superb!! I took down so many things that now I don't know where to start. Thank you for sharing all your experience with us, I don't want to sound cheesy but that's how I feel.
Kind regards,
Susana Del Buono (from IMEI- Cañuelas)

Grace. I really enjoyed your Workshop and found it full of creative and practical ideas. Thanks! Regards,

Sylvia Anson


I enjoyed reading about songs, stories and material that can be used
with little kids. Reading about methods and approaches was interesting
too, as I haven’t read about them for a long time.
Analía Flores

Dear Grace,It was a pleasure to attend your workshop! It was really very useful and dynamic!I'd like to get some pictures of all the beautiful material you displayed on the tableThanks

Melisa Silva


Dear Grace,
I've really enjoyed your workshop! It was very useful for me, since this is my first year in 1st form! I think that taking the materials to show us how they are made, was a great idea!!! Besides, I think that most of the teachers attending the workshop felt identified with you, since you've experienced what, maybe most of us are going through now.
Thanks a lot,
I hope to be able to attend your next workshop.
Natalia Madeiro - Córdoba.

There were many interesting aspects in your TEK COURSE: I particularly enjoyedthe tips to teach very young learners ,the songs and activities for “Circle Time” how to call children’s attention and the creative activities for “Storytime”.The material was really

appealing and useful for me. I have learned a lot!

Marcela Pérez Valcheff


Hola Grace!! Ante todo quiero felicitarte por el taller del sábado para little kids. Estuvo espectacular!!! lleno de ideas que por supuesto voy a poner en práctica. Ahora viene el pedido: Podrías enviarme el cuento del Enormous elephant?
Me pareció ideal para hacer participar a los papás en la clase abierta que ya se viene. Nos veremos en noviembre en tu próximo Workshop (no me lo pienso perder!).Un beso y toda mi admiración por el amor que le ponés a tu trabajo.
Sandra Renzi.

Querida Grace : Estuve en las charlas que usted brindó en The ELT Conference esta semana, la cual me resultó muy útil y con muchas nuevas ideas para poder mejorar mis clases. Me resultó todo muy provechoso y fue un placer escucharla.Afectuosamente, Lara Betbeder


Thank you so much for the useful material you’ve sent us.  Personally, I really enjoyed your presentation at Anglia Ascentis Congress!  It was one of my favourites!! Besides, you’re such a nice person!
Warm regards
Patricia Nacci

Dear Grace,
Thanks a lot for all the ideas to work with little kids and for the great time we had at the workshop!!
I look forward to November’s Workshop with the
2nd part!
Best regards
Ana Colomés, Mayflower School of English – Beccar.


Hola Grace
Para mi fue hermoso y emocionante haber estado presente el día en que dabas a luz a tu CREATIVE TEACHING.
Un beso enorme
Fabi Parano | Stories in a bag

Dear Mrs Bertolini
We really love your presentation at the VI Anglia Ascentis ESOL Examinations and International Congress on Nov 6, 2010 at the Universidad Interamericana in Buenos Aires. We would like to share your presentation with the teachers of our staff who couldn't attend. We would also like to continue being in touch with you for other events, teaching materials, techniques you would like to share with us.
Best Regards
Vicente Aguilar, Academic Coordinator One2One | Paraguay.



Dear Grace,
Thank you for the lovely presentation you delivered. We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot.
At my Institute we have been implementing some of the games you showed. Good results!
Thank you for sending another activity to contribute to our professional development.
Agostina Cabello, Camden Language Institute



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