It consists of making a diagnosis together with the School Owners and Board of Heads in order to design an Educational Project of Excellence, BY TRAINING THE TEACHERS (of every level).

During the academic year, Grace monitors and collaborates, depending on each proposal –which might vary according to the needs and styles of each Institution, as well as considering the school’s educational and commercial profile, which makes the families choose that institution in particular for their children-.

Together, we can design:

  • The first interviews with parents: how to Communicate the Educational Project.

  • Parents’ and Teachers' Meetings.

  • Teacher In-service Training Sessions.

  • Workshops for Families.

  • Choice of educational material.

  • Planning (Assessments & Evaluations).

  • “Houses” School-system.

  • Green Week (eco-projects).

  • Open Classes.

  • Family Day.

  • Sports Day.

  • Talent Show.

  • Concerts, Musicals & End of Year Shows.

  • International Exams.

  • Extracurricular Projects: City Tours, Immersion Camps, Educational Trips Abroad.

Projects we can implement:

  • “Social Emotional Learning, Values Education and Resolving Conflicts at School” -  “Educación Emocional,  Educación en Valores y Resolución Constructiva de Conflictos en la Escuela” (bilingual option- based in Peace Education Foundation & Positive Discipline approaches from the USA)

  • Responsive Classrooms (from the USA): Quality Circle Time with Morning Messages & Closings in Circles, Energizers, Brain Breaks.

  • Cooperative Learning (Spencer Kagan, from the USA)

  • TPRS: Total Proficiency in Reading & Speaking  (Blaine Ray, from the USA)

  • Natural Approach (Stephen Krashen, from the USA)

  • Brain-based Learning (Eric Jensen, from the USA)

  • Positive Education and Personal Strengths of Character (Martin Seligman from USA)

  • Neuro-learning and Brain-compatible Classrooms (Asociación Educar de Neurociencias – Argentina)



The coaching service includes:

  • Annual, Monthly and Weekly Planning.

  • Immersion in the Language: children speaking the language naturally, etc.

  • Designing and making their own teaching resources.

  • Effective ideas for your lessons: 

    • Very young learners: teaching with posters - songs, rhymes & chants - feltboards - story time - circle time​ - flashcards - puppets - etc.

    • Pre-teens & teens: strategies to deal with comprenhension - communicative classroom - creativity & motivation - activities to develop language skills and self-esteem - etc

  • And more!

If you are interested in a detailed proposal or want to learn more about it, please send me an e-mail to 

Best regards,

Grace Bertolini


Northlands School Olivos

Saint Gregory's School Quilmes

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